Instructor - Chad Larson

This is a 10 Hour course and costs $75

Communicate effectively in writing. Learn to express yourself clearly and express your ideas.

Course Summary

What first impression are you making through your writing? You can look and smell great, and have a gifted radio voice, but the high-tech information age we live in requires you to make first impressions and sell yourself in writing. These days, we make introductions by email, we tweet, and we write blogs. We craft web pages, we write commercial letters, and we sell ourselves on social media and in the marketplace. This course will help you to sharpen your written image by leading you through a review of the rules and practice in spelling, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation. You will also study the form and content of effective writing, including writing correct and varied sentences, as well as effective paragraphs.

How do I take this course?

This course delivers 10 hours of video lecture presentations on key topics in the composition of the English language. You can download and print a copy of the presentation slides, and make notes as you follow along. To make it easier to absorb the material, each hour is divided into short segments, of about 15 minutes each. You can watch the segments at your own pace, in your own time. Each segment is followed by a short quiz to help you review, and test yourself about what you have learned. There is also a dedicated chat room for this course, so you can talk, get help, and just be social as you journey through the English language with others online.

Do I get a Certificate of Completion?

Yes. On completion of this course, you will be able to print a Certificate of Completion showing the overall average that you achieved in all of the quizzes. You may be able to take this to your university or college to ask for transfer credits, or to your professional association to see if you can be awarded continuing education credits.

Take an entertaining look at the parts of a sentence and how they are best used. Gain confidence in using the terminology that makes grammar understandable and easier to use correctly.
Hear how to build both simple and more complex sentences that convey your ideas and meaning correctly to others. Avoid adding confusion by exploring common problems in writing and recognizing how to avoid them.
Moving from Basic sentences to more complex ones will allow you to add personality and excitement to your sentences. Making your ideas flow creatively brings your writing to life.
Learn to select the best action word form for your sentence. Many sentences that create confusion are ones that incorrectly match who is doing the action to when they do it.
One of the most difficult aspects of any language to master is the use of action words (verbs) This lecture provides helpful rules and strategies to improve your writing.
Explore how to add detail to your sentences simply by adding a word in the right place. Don’t just learn to write, learn to write clearly.
Pronouns eliminate repetition, but they need to be used correctly in order to avoid confusion. Keeping the sentence linked to the right person is essential to writing English well.
Each writer has an individual approach to writing, but there are some common elements and tactics that can allow writers to get better results in less time. Learn how to navigate the writing process more smoothly, effectively, and efficiently.
Perhaps more than any other writing error, spelling mistakes reflect poorly on your level of professionalism. Learn how to apply the proper rules for spelling and avoid common errors of incorrect word usage.
This is punctuation made simple, easy to understand, and fun. Discover through the examination of examples how the addition of various punctuation marks between words can change and enhance the meaning of a phrase.

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