Instructor - Dr Tom Geurts

This is a 10 hour course and costs $95

This course is an introduction to the basic concepts in real estate investment. You will gain valuable overview of how market analysis relates to real estate finance and investment.

Course Summary

Anyone who invests in real estate needs to understand how real estate differs from other investments (like stocks and bonds) and what influences the return on that investment. Some courses on real estate investment concentrate on how specific features of the real estate itself influence its income potential. Others focus on market analysis. But how do these things relate to each other? How do overall economic conditions influence real estate investment return? There are insights from the recent Great Recession that even veteran investors learned the hard way. In this thought-provoking course, Professor Tom Geurts of George Washington University draws on his enormous breadth of knowledge about economics, market analysis, and real estate finance and investment to deliver an introductory course that is an insightful tour through the issues that everyone should keep top of mind.

How do I take this course?

This course delivers 10 hours of lecture presentations on key topics in real estate investment. You can download and print a copy of the presentation slides, and make notes as you follow along. To make it easier to absorb the material, each hour is divided into short segments, of about 15 minutes each. You can watch as many, or as few segments each day, or each week, in your own time. Each segment is followed by a short quiz to help you review, and test yourself about what you have learned. There is also a dedicated chat room for this course, so you can talk, discuss, and just be social as you journey through this fascinating introduction to real estate investment with others online.

Do I get a Certificate of Completion?

Yes. On completion of this course, you will be able to print a Certificate of Completion showing the overall average that you achieved in all of the quizzes. You may be able to take this to your university or college to ask for transfer credits, or to your professional association to see if you can be awarded continuing education credits.

Take an introduction to real estate economics. Distinguish ownership of property, versus owning shares in real estate investment. Learn about the elements of value, price, of real estate impact the economy.
Discover how different types of real estate holdings affect the economic market. See the real impact of supply and demand in value and opportunity.
Taking a retrospective look at real estate investment you can learn to identify the factors that have contributed to the changes in the levels of success in real estate investment of the past and present.
Examine the many factors that are seen to be important considerations for improving Net Present Value analysis.
Gain important decision making ability by comparing and contrasting NPV and IRR and using this understanding to generate greater rate of return.
Gain an enhanced understanding of the ways and means that real estate transactions are funded.
The selection of long versus short term debt and other finance options are decisions that require careful decision making.
Take an introductory look at the methods and approaches used by real Estate appraisers. Discover the science versus the art. Discuss various techniques and their application how to get the most accurate information.
Take some time to learn about cash flows; from operation to sale. Some easy to apply formulas that use your data to gain workable insight into expenses and revenue in real estate. Rent, leasing and Landlords how they interact.
Putting it all together this lecture covers the best practices to maximise profit in real estate. Taxes, operating costs and mortgages are topics that are introduced.

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