Instructor - Dr. Charles J. Conrick IV

This course will build on and expand the learner’s experience using Oracle’s Crystal Ball by demonstrating and experimenting with optimization of models under varying conditions of uncertainty using OptQuest and Predictor features of Crystal Ball. It also will enable learners to use various option trade positions using real estate ETF’s to manage risk as well as maximize returns.

Course Summary

This course will permit the learner to understand how, when and where to use Options: Oracle's Optquest and Predictor" with Crystal Ball software modelling to complete various Real Estate computations and will allow the learner to generate simulations involving rent, risk and return on real estate investment, analysis of options using RWR(SPDR Dow jones REIT), VNQ(Vanguard REIT Index0 contrasted with SPY(S&P500). An advanced look at a hypothetical model will allow higher levels of application of modelling tools in a Real Estate context. This course will provide the necessary information and practice to understand and produce modelling using a variety of software tools.