Instructor - Roger P. Staiger III

This is a 7 hour course and costs $95

This course will introduce students to the knowledge and skills of Pro Forma modeling using MS Excel and Oracle's Crystal Ball. Learn to build and use reusable financial models. watch, up-close, how it is done, and follow along with your own spreadsheet. Just like in a classroom, you see how a seasoned instructor, real estate consultant and practitioner guides, mentors, illustrates, and shows you how to use the tools yourself.

Course Summary

Introduction to Real Estate Pro Forma modeling using MS Excel and Oracle's Crystal Ball. This introductory session takes participants from a blank spreadsheet to a completed real estate pro forma model. This model is scalable and modular and can be used as a base for much larger models of varying asset types. An introduction to risk quantification using scenario analysis is featured to allow for back-of-the-envelope risk quantification.

Lecture reviews the basics of descriptive statistics. This is the base knowledge for risk quantification.

Crystal Ball basics with a discussion of distribution shapes and there uses. Normal, Uniform and LogNormal distributions are some of the distributions reviewed.
Basic pro forma structure is discussed and a review of the theory for real estate pro forma construction. The scalable and modular structure for a pro forma is reviewed. Part 1 of the pro forma is completed, i.e. summary/input.
The income section of a real estate pro forma is developed. This is part II of the four part construction. The entire pro forma is completed in this section.
A demonstration of how to analyze a real estate pro forma model is completed. Oracle Crystal Ball is first introduced.
Oracle Crystal Ball is used in conjunction with the completed real estate pro forma model. Risk is quantified using crystal ball's monte carlo simulation.
Scenario analysis is demonstrated as a simpler, and less accurate, risk quantification. The alternative method is introduced to provide individuals an appreciation for Oracle Crystal Ball and to provide a quick back-of-the-envelope approach to risk quantification.

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